Psychology Laboratory


Practical Knowledge is very essential to the trainee teachers in the case of Psychology subject along with theory. With the use of these practical knowledge the trainee teacher must know the Intelligence, Interests, abilities, personalities of a each individuals according to their abilities the trainee teacher can guide them successfully.


In our Kalikamba College we have a well established Psychology Laboratory. In that lab we have all kinds of apparatus and material and special equipment which are useful to psychology practicals.


Our student will conduct psychology practicals twice in a week with the guidance of psychology lecturer, these are very useful to the trainee to know the mental abilities like Interests, abilities, Emotions, Aptitudes of the students easily.



In our psychology lab we have the following equipment:


  1. Tachistoscope – spam of attention.
  2. Mirror drawing apparatus ( with counter)
  3. Mirror drawing Apparatus (Simple)
  4. Learning Mage with reset counter
  5. Muller lyer Illusion Board
  6. Size weight Illusion Board
  7. Recall and Recognition Cards
  8. Concept Formation Blocks
  9. Concept Formation Cards
  10. Thematic  Apperception Tests
  11. Children’s Apperception Tests
  12. Directed Observation Board
  13. Sheets of mental fatigue Testing
  14. Intelligence Test Paper
  15. Non-Language Performance Record etc.
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