In memory of my mother Smt. Kalikamba. We started the college and Kalikamba Educational Society, Chirala of Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh was Registrered under Societies act XXI of 1860 in March 1998 (Society No. 115 of 1998) with the objectives of providing primary, Secondary, Collegiate, Technical, Professional and Teacher Education on modern lines in backward areas of the district. The Society already started B.Ed., course in May 2003 and successfully completed Three Batches to reflect the ambition of our aim. The society proposes to establish a college for D.Ed., Course in Chirala to meet the Educational needs of the “Teacher-Trainees” of Ongole Division. Our division has no private D.Ed., college till now even though there are more than 2500 schools run by Government and Private Agencies.


            The main objective of our Society is to bring social awareness among the villages around Chirala with an output of Qualty Education. The management has the support of local Educationists and phllanthroposts to run the institution on sound lines. The management has good intention of establishing an institution which will cater to the needs of the community and making no profits out of it. The Society has purchased a land of 5 acres in the developing area where the other educational institutions are also coming up. Its master-plan is to bring up the main college-complex with more than one crore. The New Main Building was constructed exclusively to meet the immediate needs of the institutions.


            The Society made all humble efforts to meet the norms required by NCTE  in establishing B.Ed., Courses along with model schools in our campus.

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